24 August 2008


By late last week, a lot of people thought it was Biden, which takes some of the joy out of having called it. But I've been trying to think about how those two fit together as a team. Of course, this week's DNC convention is all about shaping that narrative. If they're smart, they will co-opt a simple tagline: Obama/Biden '08: The Redeem Team.

The U.S. Olympic men's basketball team was nicknamed "The Redeem Team" because they were going to bring home the gold medal after four years of disappointing U.S. finishes in international play. Obama's most compelling argument, usually shrouded behind the dangerously vague banner of "Change," is that a new leader is necessary to restore America's position in the international community. Plus, what could be more messianic than promising redemption to the masses?

(Of course, there is the small problem of USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski's political leanings.)

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