11 September 2008


There's a lot of curious stuff happening in the campaign these days:
  • In the bastion of logic and erudition that is The Late Show with David Letterman, Obama explained that, if his pig metaphor had anything to do with Sarah Palin, she would be the lipstick and the pig would be McCain's policies -- not, as McCain and the echo chamber supposed, that Palin was the pig and the lipstick was ... lipstick, or something?
  • The National Journal went and found a politician who actually HAS been called a pig during a political campaign.
  • I do miss the freewheeling Lincoln Chafee ever since he was voted out in 2006.
  • To those of you who live in DC, an ABC reporter spotted this car on the streets. If you see it, pop an extra quarter into the meter; just be sure to report it to the FEC.

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