31 October 2008

'Tis the season?

I guess Halloween and historic elections bring out the best in people. In the last day I've come across interesting homemade videos by a couple friends that I figured I'd post, in case you've got a few minutes to spare over the weekend:
  • Matt Newell-Ching, whom I followed to Duke and to Sojourners before I'd ever met him, playing the role of "Joe the Regional Organizer" and explaining why he'd vote for a candidate who's going to give tax breaks to people richer than he is.
  • Julian 'J.Kwest' DeShazier, an FTE Ministry Fellow at the University of Chicago, just posted the very professional music video for his track "I Am (Obama)".
  • A guy I know from back home made a kind of quirky music video about the New Jersey Devil as a Halloween present for his fans. It's sort of like "Thriller", but for white people who like the blues. 
Finally, here is the pumpkin that Jill and Dan carved:


Thomas J. Rozycki, Jr. said...

The J.Kwest vid is excellent. Gave me goose bumps, actually. But that guy from Rumson is frightening. Has he done anything else I might be familiar with?

John Potter said...