30 January 2009


-Excerpt from UMC's Inventory of Religious Activities and Interests form for ministry candidates

I found myself wishing for an 'other' category, a free-response box, anything other than a mandatory, choose-one pulldown menu. Which got me to thinking, what would I actually write if given the opportunity? I'm not sure I have a canned "theological position". Maybe I would just write the Shema or something.

In case you're wondering, I put "conservative," because I think the Bible is binding, Church authority and hierarchy is valid, and the Creed is true. I might've put radical, but the pulldown menu made it look like radical just means "super-liberal".


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Heather said...

Here is some irony: radical in its truest sense means "back to the root" or "most original", and giving the conservative's bent towards the tradtional and the "way things have always been", then radical could be interpreted as the MOST conservative. you should have put radical just for kicks.