29 May 2009

Other People's Stuff

(Note: due to somewhat inconsistent internet access, blog posts might come in fits and spurts this summer.)

So the church has made available to me the unoccupied condo of a local missionary couple that is out of the country. It’s very nice to have my own place, and there is more than enough space for my needs.

It is interesting, however, that the house is pretty much full of their stuff. Now, I have not and will not go rummaging through where I shouldn’t. But some of the stuff lying around and hanging on the walls is pretty unique. Much of it appears to have been collected in their other mission fields, which, as far as I can tell, included a lot of time in and Alaska-like place, a possible stint near Seattle, and maybe time in an Eastern European locale (Latvia?).

For example, look at this intense corkscrew I found, made out of some sort of tusk:

Exhibit B is a commemorative plate, which commemorates a time that Davy Crockett murdered an Indian.

In fairness, the Crockett plate wasn’t exactly displayed front and center; it was stashed on top of the fridge. But the real coup—the reason (in addition to giving me a free place to stay) why these folks will always be top-notch in my book—is what I found by the television: the first three seasons of The West Wing. It’s one of my greatest pleasures.

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John Potter said...

I suspected from the tuskscrew that these were my people, but WW confirms it.