04 June 2009

Going to Honduras

On Saturday at 3:30 am, I will be leaving from the church parking lot with a group headed to Honduras. We'll be in the town of Danli, which is a mercifully short distance east of Tegucigalpa, on a pretty major-looking road.

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While we're there, we will be working through United Methodist Volunteers in Mission to conduct an eye clinic as well as a community needs assessment. For the eye clinic, we are bringing an $11,000 piece of equipment called an autorefractometer, and 1200 pairs of donated eyeglasses that were collected by the Lions Club.

I've also been warned that I might have to preach while we are there. Because I'm, you know, the pastor.


Steve Thorngate said...

Are you preaching in Spanish? Or w/ an interpreter? Should be quite an experience.

betzfrits said...

Just preach in biblical Greek. I'm sure you remember enough of it! ;)

John Potter said...

i "preached" in cuba with an interpreter, because i was told biblical studies majors needed to be ready to "preach, pray, or die" at any given moment.

remember that the art of sermon rap transcends all cultures..."i rip and exegete, i exegete and i rip - this is the way pastor dave spits."