21 May 2008

A Mighty Wind

The sound of rushing air in the ceiling overhead and the painstakingly slow scales being played down in the sanctuary can only mean one thing: it's organ-tuning day. Oh, the joy! If I ever have my own church, we're going to use all guitars and hand drums. And a hurdy-gurdy. But no pipe organ.

In other news, tonight is a Vacation Bible School planning meeting. I'm going to be substantially involved with planning & teaching the youth classes. They're supposed to relate to "power," which is the theme of our intense, over-the-top kids' VBS curriculum. I'm not sure yet what all we will do, but I'm pretty sure that it will include using Gatorade and an onion to charge an iPod:


Steve Thorngate said...

What's w/ the organ hate?

John Potter said...

Yeah, I, as an organ appreciator, must also object. Don't you listen to Arcade Fire?

You should show the kids a clip from He-Man in which the power of Grayskull overtakes him, and he shouts, "I have the power!" Kids like pop culture references.