05 November 2008

Post-election potpourri

Some have noted how the McCain we saw concede last night reminded us of the old, moderate, actual-maverick we knew before this campaign began. I wish that guy could've beaten Bush in the 2000 Republican primary. Think how differently things might've transpired.

Though I wish the Bush presidency had never happened, you've also got to wonder whether Obama could've ascended so quickly if people weren't so dissatisfied. This is just a serious consideration of what someone else already pointed out in jest.

Speaking of the 2000 election, get this: the way things look right now, Ralph Nader might actually have won enough votes to span the difference between McCain and Obama in the very tight Missouri race.

Ted Stevens possibly WON? A week after he was convicted on seven felony counts? And Stevens isn't the only 84 year-old who was reelected to the Senate. This was a good year for very old Senators not named McCain.

In my home district, NJ-07, the Republican won with no incumbent in the race. He defeated Democrat Linda Stender, who also lost when she challenged for the seat in 2006. Stender pulled 48% of the vote in '06 and only 41% this year. I'm not sure where to look to do this research, but I am curious: could she be the only Democrat to fare worse in a congressional race in 2008 than she did in 2006? What happened there? I guess a rising tide doesn't always raise all the ships.

On a celebratory note, here's a bunch of videos of people dancing in the streets in DC, and a couple newspaper covers from historically significant cities.


John Potter said...

I've got this one up at home: www.suntimes.com/images/cds/MP3/Obama_front_page.PDF

Great news about Stevens getting the boot...I think the world was thinking, "What's wrong with Alaska?" Also, I reluctantly voted absentee for Franken in a very lame race (I think most Minnesotans felt the same) - looks like he may actually have the edge in the recount, in which case, the magic 60 number may actually be attainable.

And yeah, it's probably safe to say that without Bush, Obama wouldn't have succeeded the way he has. He accurately gauged that it was the right time for him to run. Not to add to the pressure "The One" is under, but right now I feel like it's worth it to have gone through Bush to get Obama. Who would've thought in '04 that the next president would be black? Let alone that NC would go blue? Well done, by the way...

Dave said...

Wow. That Chicago Sun Times cover makes me feel like Barack is about to kiss me.