24 February 2009

A Methodist Quiz!

This weekend at our Wesley Fellowship retreat, we discussed the Sermon on the Mount. My responsibility was to lead the group through the Beatitudes in conversation with the United Methodist Church's Social Principles. In order to introduce everyone to the Social Principles (a rather obscure document found in our Book of Discipline), I wrote up a little quiz. Sorry if the formatting is weird, but here it is (answers at bottom). 

SECTION ONE: In each question, there are four options. Choose the one that is NOT specifically opposed in the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.

  1. Human cloning; The use of chemicals in growing food; The weaponization of outer space; The commercialization of Christian holidays.
  2. The separation of church and state; The practice of homosexuality; Bottled water; Weakening standards for organic food. 

SECTION TWO: In each question, there are four options. Choose the one that is NOT specifically affirmed in the Social Principles.

  1. Affirmative Action; Public libraries; Abstinence from tobacco; U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  2. U.S. Bill of Rights; Preservation of old-growth forests; Taxpayer-funded gov't healthcare; Children are not their parents' property
  3. The integrity of unmarried people; Universal access to internet & phone service; Safety testing for processed food; Composting household food waste

SECTION THREE: This isn’t a question; I just thought you should know.

United Methodists “support and encourage social policies that are directed toward rational and restrained transformation of parts of the nonhuman world into energy for human usage” (¶160.B)

SECTION FOUR: Additional Questions:

  1. Only two sections of the Social Principles include direct scriptural references. Choose which two of the following topics make mention of a specific Bible verse or passage:  Military service; Family farms; Animal life; Abortion; Suicide; Death Penalty; Immigrants; Right to health care.
  2. What happens to a United Methodist who violates one of the Social Principles?

    1. Nothing.
    2. You are subject to a church trial; if found guilty, you may be removed from membership.
    3. Your pastor is to oversee the church’s effort to be reconciled to you in accordance with Matthew 18:15-20 (First, point out the sin to the person in private; then confront him/her with one or two others from the church; et cetera).
    4. You are expected to write a letter to your congregation explaining your actions before you will be welcomed at the communion table.
1.1: Commercialization
1.2: Separation of church & state
2.1: Public libraries
2.2: U.S. Bill of Rights
2.3: Composting
4.1: Suicide (Rom. 8:38-39) and Health Care (John 10:10b, Ezek. 34:4a)
4.2: Nothing, though if the principle has to do with homosexuality it has also been written into the enforceable church law someplace.

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