18 March 2009

Lost in translation

Here's a trivial publishing oddity. (If opening sentences like that don't get me more blog readers, I don't know what will!) In our introductory ethics course, we are reading a text by our professor, Sam Wells. The book's title is Improvisation: The Drama of Christian Ethics. Yet somehow, there are two different versions in print, and one version (which we have in our bookstore) omits the word "of" from the cover design:

Mistake? Hip design choice? Transatlantic confusion?

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A. David Burt said...

Believe it or not, that IS the kind of opening comment that grabs me. As for The Case of the Curious Covers, my guess is that the accidental (I will postulate) omission of the word "of" is the only reason the book made it to a second printing. Unless, of course, it is the SECOND printing that lacks the "of". That would be a different story... Hmm. Anyway, I'll check in from time to time. I chanced across your blog while scoping out Steve Thorngate's blog. I'm a priest in South Carolina, so I have been occasionally curious about Duke's divinity school for further study. Peace to you.