17 March 2009

Post-Spring Break Post

We were on Spring Break last week. As of the Thursday before break, Heather and I still had not made any plans. However, we had been hoping for a long time to make a trip up to New England to see some great folks, and surprised ourselves (or, at least, me) by hatching a quick and ambitious plan. We drove to the Boston area and back, with stops in Manassas (to see Heather's family, including the small one), New Jersey (where my parents were both rather sick but my seven-months-pregnant sister & brother-in-law are doing very well), New Haven (to see my college roommate), and a drive-thru of Rhode Island so that Heather could cross that state off her list.

Our final destination was Beverly, Mass. For an interesting portrait of the city, see this page on the municipal website. We got to spend quality time with college friends of Heather's (she attended college in the adjacent town) and with this farmer I know up there. We also went beachcombing, heard a weird sermon, wrote papers for school, and coveted the lives of the rich and old. All in all, the trip took ten days, covered over 1500 miles, and brought us through nine states (plus one District), but we had a great time seeing so many different people.

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Heather said...

This is the sweetest post. Loved the Beverly panther scary picture. You forgot to mention dancercize.