21 January 2010

Just go away.

Those of you who've known me for a few years will recall that during the last Democratic primary, I was a John Edwards man. I didn't have a strong impression of him in 2004, but I was very moved by his decision to reenter public life with a National Press Club speech on domestic poverty eradication in the summer of 2006. I appreciated his populism, and got upset when I thought Clinton and Obama were poaching "his" issues (especially universal health care). I thought he was highly electable, in part because of he was from the South.

When the revelation came of Edwards' affair, I was really stunned; I was shocked not only by the affair itself, but also of the stupidity of doing such a thing while you are running for President. Had his primary candidacy been successful, his deception could've handed the national political agenda back to the Republicans.

So when Edwards released a statement today confirming rumors that his affair produced a child named Quinn, it seemed like the final act. But no. Later in the day comes the bizarre twist that Edwards flew to Haiti today with a team of doctors.

Is he going there to help? (Cue the personal injury lawyer jokes.) Is he fleeing the media? Or will he spend the rest of his years trying to atone for his sins, like Robert McNamara?


Nadia said...

I share your pain. And I want my campaign contribution back.

Dave said...

Word. Although I'm keeping my "Support the Troops. Bring them Home" t-shirt that I got for my contribution.

Tanner Lovelace said...

The whole thing is just sad with a touch of "what the f* was he thinking?!?".