29 June 2008

Church softball bragging.

Today I had a nice surprise: TBS was carrying the Mets-Yankees game, so I got to see my first Mets game in a while. It was fun to watch the Mets win one (too rare of a thing), and in that bizarre weekend-warrior sort of way, it was the perfect pump-up for this afternoon's church softball game. Because of the stellar performances of past Duke interns, including one who had played two years of collegiate softball, there is a lot of pressure for the summer intern to contribute on the diamond. Much to my surprise, in two games I'm 5-6 with two singles, a double and two triples; five runs scored. We're 2-0. That's more than anyone on the Mets can say.

Watch for something on Monday recapping today's first installment of "Bible 101".

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