22 June 2008

A good day.

Today was a good day at the church. First, I was responsible for the children's message for the first time this summer. The following things are all true:
  1. I literally lost sleep worrying about this task.
  2. I had to wear one of those wireless microphones that mounts on your ear.
  3. The message actually went over really well.
  4. A young child pointed out to me that my assertion that Christians all around the world were gathering for church "right now" was, in fact, inaccurate, because at that moment it was far too late at night for the Sri Lankans to be in church.
  5. I had the opportunity to describe Durham, NC as "a wonderful place where all the people do is read the Bible all day, and win basketball games."
The day got even better this afternoon when I showed up for the church's first softball game of the summer. I haven't had the best experiences with softball in the past. But by some miracle, in the five years since I last attempted the game, I learned how to hit! I had a double and a triple, and reached on a fielder's choice, and we won 12-6. I'm still a little too scared of the ball to make a very good second baseman, but we've got a few weeks to work on that.

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